Galland has a history of producing section insulators and catenary equipment going more then 70 years back, their products is a result of what they stand for; quality, innovation and service.

EB Elektro have been representing Galland for some time now, and we recently had the pleasure of supplying the JG1352 high speed section insulator for EyM Norway which is a part of the OHL group, a global infrastructure group which is now involved in the Follo Line Project, developing the EPC Ski. The project is right now the biggest transport project in Norway and includes a 20km long railway tunnel.

Section insulators

Picture of JG1352 high speed 25 kV AC SI installed by EyM Norway

EyM Norway has been very pleased with the JG1352 high speed section insulator, we were able to deliver according to their plan of progress and the reports from the guys installing the section insulators was that it went smoothly. Galland’s section insulators are of a lightweight and compact design, meaning they can be installed by one person, it is delivered pre assembled and the runners are set at the factory according to the mechanical tension of the line.

If you have any questions regarding section insulators or railway equipment in general, don’t hesitate to contact us!